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Search Interest Stacks. how to get brainly for freeThe Legendary Moonlight Sculptor (Novel) 3. hud coc list

[Recommendation] can someone recommend me a manhwa or manga when the mc get cheated or tricked by his girl or abandoned by his parent but better with cold or cool mc but later they regret doing that, better with well writing plot not npc characters plz like shit isekai. ly/3o0MZsC Creating a character that's seen by the audience as cold and. +12 Anime Where The MC Is An Emotionless Cold Blooded Killer+ +20 Manhwa/Webtoons Where The MC Is An Emotionless Cold-Blooded Killer+ +Manga With Evil and Villain Mc+ +Manhwa with the most Intense Bullying+. Overpowered yet kind.


[solo leveling], Manga MC (lighthearted and fun characters), Manhwa MC (bunch of A holes, and cold hearted), Manhua MC (full of self insert and OP for lame reasons), so what MC would you rather have?.


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Lady Evony. . At first, an emotionless main char. .

All his wisdom, his refined skills, and his shrewdness followed him to his new life. If you are looking for a manhwa with smart mc, then this one must be one of your great choices, as a manhwa with smart mc 2. .

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As the title suggests, I am looking for a manga with a cold male MC.

Search Interest Stacks. However, suddenly, Anissa gets reincarnated as his baby sister.

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A royal princess with black hair. .

The AUthor is brain dead, it's a manhwa where mc will leave the enemy alive, and will say i will kill you and the enemy will also try their best to kill mc, but mc will just not kill them, much.


Mc creates a VR game/novel and get's stuck inside of it.

Basically the kind of guy who wouldn't flinch if he sees someone being brutally murdered or is being threatened by a psychotic serial killer. 1. . .

. Mc creates a VR game/novel and get's stuck inside of it. Star Instructor, Master Baek. 4.


ES:ETERNAL SABBATH. . Premium Powerups Explore Gaming.

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10 Best Manga Where MC is a Cold-Hearted Killer :-Redo of Healer; Ubel Blatt; Fire Punch; Dungeon Seeker; Juujika no Rokunin; Dead Tube; Akai Kiri no Naka Kara; The Strongest Brave Who Craves. Manhwa/Manga Where MC Is Betrayed And Ends Up Becomes OP: Nano Machine. Search Interest Stacks.

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Jul 23, 2022 · This Manhwa’s MC, Fang Yuan, is a villain. . . Nanotechnology meets martial arts at the Mashin Academy.